Welcome to the joint project in higher education NICOPA!

NICOPA is aimed to modernize curricula in precision agriculture using new technologies: Geographic Information System (GIS), Big Data, Remote Sensing

Activities to test innovated curricula and to disseminate the results:

  • analyzing and updating existing curricula according to educational needs
  • developing new certified curricula according to the new achievements in the area, the labor market demands and the Bologna Process
Higher education in Precision Agriculture
Modernizing curricula
Introducing new technologies
Targeting labor market demands
NICOPA overview poster

Anticipated project outputs and results

  • Review of the current curricula in precision agriculture through analysis
  • Agreement on instructional strategy and guidelines for BA/MSc curricula design including the use of new Educational Technologies
  • A set of new core curricula and transferable modules including innovative teaching facilities
  • Updated current two cycle curricula and programs in precision agriculture according to the Bologna requirements and the new developments
  • Developed, implemented and accredited new practice-oriented, student-focused core, and transferable curricula including ECTS
  • Bringing the Higher Education Institutions of the partner country closer to labor market. Besides that innovative teaching facilities: a new equipped laboratory PAL, a class VCR, Precision agriculture using sensing data Service Office PASO. Focus on the content, agreed structure, new instructional strategy and the use of new educational technologies with regard to the European modernization agenda for higher education will as a whole function as the envisaged impact.